eChart Acuity Basic *FREE*

eChart Acuity Basic is a no cost, basic, visual testing software program that was developed for practices wanting an entry level vision testing software program.

The program is ideal for new practices that want to get started with the latest automated technology for vision testing, those wanting to replace old projectors that they may still be using in their practice and practices that want to start automating with a basic vision testing software program before upgrading to a more comprehensive solution.



  •  Optotype Fonts

ETDRS letters and Tumbling E

  •  Optotype Sizes

20/10 to 20/400

Standard Snellen Progression

  •  Shutter can be either fully open or set to one

letter or column, similar to a traditional projector

  •  Multiple Monitors

Display on auxiliary monitor using
Windows Extended Desktop capability

  •  Graded Letter Sizes

Graded size only

  •  Red/Green Overlay
  •  Randomization

Pseudo-Random only (Three sets)


Free Basic Vision Acuity Testing Software

Only want basic digital eye charts for testing?Download and start testing patients immediately.

*Does not include remote*

Easy to upgrade to full featured eChart Acuity Pro

eChart Acuity Basic allows you to view additional features provided by eChart Acuity Pro and run a full version demo without contacting us for a new demo program link.