Visual Acuity Testing Software

eChart Acuity was first introduced in 1997 and has grown into the most effective computer eye chart software for visual acuity testing on the market today.


eChart Acuity Digital Eye Chart Benefits:

  • Speed up vision exams allowing you to increase your patient flow without increasing your costs.
  • Decrease patient wait times.
  • Decrease patient boredom while performing visual acuity testing.
  • Unlimited number of screen displays to match your particular vision acuity testing procedures and style.
  • Vision testing for pediatric and low vision care.
  • Use existing office computers.
  • Move eChart Acuity to a new computer anytime, no fee, hassle free.
  • Expand visual acuity testing capabilities inexpensively as your number of exam rooms and pretest areas expand.
  • Eye Chart Software license cost will likely be less than replacing overpriced projector bulbs over the year.
  • Free upgrades as they are released.

Developed, used, and maintained by a practicing Optometrist insures that eChart Acuity will maintain its competitive position in visual acuity testing for years to come.


"Lifetime Support, No Ongoing Fees"

Free Basic Vision Acuity Testing Software

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eChart Acuity Pro

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